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His First Birthday!

In October we celebrated Minion's first birthday with us!

I went to Party City and bought 298 balloons, 5 letter balloons, 4 number balloons, and one big balloon Happy Birthday banner (13 balloons). Blew them up during the two school days leading up to his birthday, and locked them all in our room.

On the morning of his birthday, Minion woke up to:

  • a hallway balloon pit

  • balloons hanging up all over the house!

  • Nothing Bundt Cake on our favorite You Are Special Today plates

  • Singing Happy Birthday!

He brought some (Crumbl) cookies to share with staff at school. Pro tip: Apparently if you want to share with kids, they have to be individually wrapped. (Shout out to my cousin Lindsey who had that handled at the beginning of the year)

Minion was so excited to come home to his PRESENTS!! As the Amazon trucks continued to come by, more presents came from friends and family as well. He felt (and is) so loved!

Minion and I called his grandparents. They were so happy to hear from him and wish him a happy day.

THEN!!! A few days before we had given Minion the choice of birthday dinner. So for his birthday dinner we dressed up (all showered and suits and dresses!) and went to a lovely steak restaurant: Cattle & Shed. We had a great time. It was perfect!

We then went to an Anime Convention the weekend after, but that's a different post!

What ever will we do with the next one! Haha

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