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Being the Constant

"What a long year this week has been" - Brittany & Frank week of Nov 7, 2022.

By the time Minion will be formally adopted, he will have been in the foster system for 2,344 days, In that time many people have made promises that they could not keep for some reason or another. This wasn't always their fault, but to Minion the failed promises piled on.

Leading us to a troubled week of Minion wanting to leave because he didn't believe he deserved our love or trust. He's not looking forward to his adoption date because he thinks it won't happen.

Minion needs constant reassurance that he is a part of the family and that he belongs. I was happy to bring him to visit my parents & sisters this weekend, to pile on the love!

"No matter where you are, or what kind of trouble you are in, we'll still be your mom and dad"

The look that we received when we said that was deafening. He had never heard that before.

I'm not sure what else I can add here, but if you're going through it, I understand!

Now.. time to go get more coffee

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