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Anime Weekend Atlanta

Where do I start with this one?

At the beginning of October while having a virtual meeting with one of the handlers, Minion said "for my birthday I want to go to a Anime Convention!". We laughed, and then google told us that there was in fact an Anime Convention in Atlanta in October. 😳 how on earth did that happen? Frank and I have never gone to any sort of con like this, so we knew we were up for an adventure.

The Halloween costume for Minion was Tanjiro from Demon Slayer. I grabbed all the pieces from Amazon and he looked so good for a first year cosplay! Of all of the Tanjiros in the convention, Minion did the best!

We took our time in the morning, and loaded up to head to Cobb Galleria.

We arrived to a two hour wait in line we were in! Then we looked around to see what was to offer & went shopping!

I asked minion if this was what he expected and he was NOT. He thought it was just a room with a few things, and we're already planning our next con. He learned that the Atlanans can really throw down!

Another dream come true for our son and it's only been a few months. We look forward to many more of these!

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