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And We're Finalized!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

I know, I skipped ahead. There was a whole Thanksgiving holiday, I'll cover that soon!

On Monday, December 5th, we have officially adopted Minion Tatum Marzullo (catchy isn't it?). We had about 30 people show up in person and several more in spirit!

Minion was flooded with love, support, and presents. There were Visitors from all over, and phone calls into the evening.

Two parties to note. His current teacher and counselor from school were able to attend. As well as two members from a church camp that he attended, and we wrapped up the day with a facetime with his favorite teacher who has known him since kindergarten! She's been so kind to send us pictures, even though Minion would rather she not!!

I don't think we feel a lot different. Maybe in the next month when we realize that we don't have pop-up meetings :)

Also big thanks to:

Forsyth County Superior Court

The constant support from Brittany & Frank's managers at work

Our families & friends

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